Time Kills


This is the first official mix on TIME KILLS by Paul Gregor, also known as “PLGR”. The 28 years old charismatic DJ and producer from Hamburg / Germany is known for his fine selection of musical marvels. Here are a few questions about his character and his way of life.

Loud or quiet? Loud. Night or day? No day without night. Food or sex? Sex. Respect or recognition? Recognition. Terminator 1 or 2? 2. Lonely or alone? Alone. Drugs or adrenaline? Adrenaline. Seduction or devotion? Seduction. Glass or steel? Wood. Past or future? Future. Man or machine? Boy. Truth or lie? Truth. Old or new? Old. Character or beauty? Character. Vagina or breasts? Eyes. Red or blue? Blue.

Download: PLGR MIX